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Building equipment programme
Fixed clamp for tubular scaffoldings Turning clamp for tubular scaffoldings

Tension head Tubular insert (extension)
Pad (firm brace) Toggle (sheathe spanner)
Adjusting pad Telescopic props
Tubular facade scaffolding Turning wrought clamp for tubular scaffoldingsr
Fixed wrought clamp for tubular scaffoldingsr Head for wooden scaffolding prop holder
Head for metal beam prop holder Bolt, nut and washer for scaffolding clamp
 Mechanical parts programme
Demountable mechanism "IKAR"
Mechanical parts and sets for the TV signal reception programme
Satellite antenna Satellite antenna dish
Holder of the satellite antena dish Polarmont-positioner of thesatellite antenna dish
Broadband steel antenna
Broadband aluminium antenna
Braodband aluminium antenna "LOGA"
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